Top Tips for Painting your Garden Gate

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Top tips for painting your garden gate

Whether you have a natural wood or metal garden gate, keeping it in pristine condition is essential to the look of your home. Nothing ruins the aesthetic appeal of a house more than having a rusty or worn and badly-maintained garden gate. You garden gate is one of the first things people see when passing by or visiting your property, so a broken or badly-painted gate will make entirely the wrong impression.  

Keeping your garden gate well maintained does not need to be as expensive as repainting; it is a relatively straightforward process regardless of your DIY experience. Refreshing your garden gate can help give your house and garden a new lease of life.  

Here are a few tips to help keep your garden gate looking good and protected from the elements.  

When to Paint Your Garden Gate 

It is generally a good idea to paint your garden gates during the summer months. Dry and warm conditions are best for painting outside as the paint settles more easily. It is always advisable to keep an eye on the weather forecast before starting, as paint should only be applied in dry conditions where the temperature is above 5°C. Anything below this and the paint will not dry properly.  

Choosing the Correct Paint 

The type of paint you choose should be dependent on the makeup of your garden gate. In the case of both wooden and metal garden gates, there are specialist paints specifically designed for the job. Always check before choosing your paint that it is suitable for use on the surface you are intending to paint. Here at Paintmaster, we have a number of products perfect for painting wooden gates along with a comprehensive range of paints ideal for use on metal. Once you’ve decided on your paint, make sure you buy enough to cover all of your garden gate. 

How to Paint a Wooden Garden Gate 

Wood is a natural, breathable material that will undergo changes during its lifetime. Therefore, painting a wooden garden gate regularly is essential not only for aesthetic appeal, but also to ensure longevity. It is advisable to do some research and try to use tried and tested brands of paint for wood when renovating your garden gate. Before you start painting, it is imperative that you fully clean and prepare the surface. This will ensure the paint can be applied evenly and leave you with a nice consistent finish. Once you finish the first coat, you should then leave it 24 hours before applying the second in order to ensure the paint is completely dry.  

How to Paint a Metal Garden Gate 

As with wooden gates, preparation is a key part of painting your metal garden gate. Use sandpaper to smooth out rough spots, then wipe down your gate with a cloth to get rid of any loosened debris or dust. It is advisable to apply a metal primer on metal gates as this helps fill in any gaps and protect against corrosion. Always take heed of the manufacturer’s guidelines on how long to allow for drying. Once your gate is dry, you can apply the paint by using either a brush or a spray gun. It is imperative that your chosen exterior metal paint is compatible with your primer.  

How to Paint a Rusty Metal Gate 

Have you got metal garden gates that have been neglected and as a result have become rusted and unattractive? If so, you have a couple of options. One is to discard them and buy new. Alternatively, if you are working to a budget, you may need to restore them. Before repainting rusty metal gates, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure you get the finish you desire. First, scour the metal with a good quality wire brush. This will remove the worst of the rust and flaking paint from the metal. If there is still a lot of residual paint on your gate, brush on a suitable paint stripper then scrape to remove the existing paint. Then, use sandpaper to remove any remaining corrosion until the surface is smooth and free of rust. You should then clean your gate with a strong detergent to remove oil and grease, rinse with water, then dry thoroughly. Once this has been done, you are ready to apply primer and the specialist paint for metal you have chosen.  

 While we have not covered every conceivable angle, hopefully the tips we have provided will show you that painting your garden gate is a task you can undertake yourself. Remember, if you are looking for specialist paints for garden gates the team at Paintmaster have a comprehensive range of products perfect for the job.