best paint for plaster - man painting the plastered wall

Best Paint for Plaster 

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Plastering your interior walls gives you a smooth, blank canvas to paint onto. However, before you load up your brush or roller, it’s important to know how to paint plastered walls. It may seem like a simple job but getting it wrong can be costly. So what is the best paint for plaster? Don’t worry, […]

Best paint for furniture, image showing paint brushes on wooden top

Best Paint for Furniture

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What is the best paint for furniture? We’ve talked a lot about how to make your home look amazing. From painting walls and floors to radiators and skirting boards, there are a lot of options if you’re looking to spruce things up. But if your furniture is looking tired, it can let the side down, […]

painting metal scaffold orange

Skip and Scaffolding Painting Guide

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Most of us won’t look twice at a skip, or grumble when we have to step around some scaffolding, but for others it’s their pride and joy. All building equipment needs a fresh coat of paint from time to time, and for scaffolding and skips it’s about more than just looking good. KEY TAKEAWAYSPainting skips […]