4 Steps To Easily Maintain Your Backyard For Garden Parties & Gatherings

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Whilst the script for this summer is definitely written to be much more sociable and exciting than the last, there is a slight possibility that we will all still be spending plenty of time at home in comparison to pre-pandemic times. This doesn’t mean that summer is still a write-off though! Making your garden look nice is an undeniable priority this year as you start to have more parties and gatherings with your friends and families, and here are some things you MUST get right.

Maintain Your Garden Paving And Patio

Make sure that you are regularly brushing your paving to keep it looking neat and tidy, and even get the jet wash out to clean any dirt and moss that might have been growing between your flags over the past year. However, if you have concrete paving, avoid jet washing your patio. This method is too aggressive and can damage the patio. Instead, think about using patio sealer paint to durably seal the spaces in between paving stones and patios for years to come.

Try Using Automatic Water Sprinklers

If you hate having to regularly water the garden, use an automatic watering system to take care of your lawn and plants. This will save you time standing in the garden with a hose for hours on end. Once set up, you can relax and enjoy time in the sun.


Although this may be obvious, you’d be surprised how unnoticed weeds can be. Weeds use the nutrients that your plants need and can quickly start to kill your garden. When you’re having a barbecue for the first time in a year and a half, the last thing you want are pests and diseases living in between the cracks in your paving – if it’s already too late, get the weeding trowel out and remove those roots!

Garden Furniture 

Depending on the materials of your garden furniture, each piece may need different approach. It’s usually good to always keep your furniture covered through the winter and even summer. This is because moisture can freeze during the cold months and crack the wood or plastic. In the summer, moss can grow on your furniture. It’s always worth checking your other appliances such as fences and sheds for rotting. Get them repaired pronto because summer is just around the corner.

Hopefully these gentle reminders can help you recover your garden just in time for those warm summer nights under the stars with your loved ones!