Driveways Patios and Roofs

Exterior painting is tougher than interior walls, ceilings and floors – and not for the faint-hearted. But don’t worry – Paintmaster are here to help! With our top-quality paints and painting accessories, exterior painting changes from a tough challenge into a fun afternoon activity.

Painting concrete driveways, paths and patios requires a specific type of paint to get the best results, plus some tricky technique to get a consistent finish. To learn how to get it perfect first time, check out our concrete painting guide.

Most amateur painters wouldn’t dream of taking on a roof painting project. But it’s not impossible, and the results speak for themselves. Acrylic roof tile paint is easy to use and suits a long-handled roller so there’s no need to crawl around on a sloped roof!

If you aren’t ready to tackle a full-size roof, try painting your patio! The heights are lower and the surface much easier to reach. It can be a great practice job to see how the paint will look on the roof as well, plus it makes your patio roof look great.

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  • Acrylic roof tile paint

    Acrylic Roof Tile Paint

    Colours, protects and restores your roof tiles. Water based durable formula. Easy to apply spruce up your roof tiles rather than replace. Range of colours.

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  • Oil based block paving sealer

    Clear Oil Based Block Paving Sealer

    Seal, stabilize and weather-proof block paving and patios. Very popular product that gives a clear protection to exterior surfaces with a tough, durable finish. Gloss shine can be built up to desired effect.

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  • Driveway Paint - Tarmac Paint

    Drivemaster Tarmac Paint & Driveway paint

    Restores, protects and seals Tarmac drives and asphalt. Water based heavy duty formula. Easy to apply to protect and colour your driveway against wear and tear. Range of colours.

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