Walter Charles Soft Sheen Emulsion

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Indulge in the luxurious finish of our Walter Charles Soft Sheen Emulsion, a premium-quality paint designed to bring sophistication and elegance to your interior walls. Formulated with advanced technology, this emulsion paint offers a subtle sheen and durable finish, providing excellent coverage, washability, and resistance to stains.


  1. Subtle Sheen: Our Walter Charles Soft Sheen Emulsion delivers a subtle yet luminous finish that adds depth and dimension to any room. The soft sheen reflects light gently, creating a warm and inviting ambiance while highlighting the colour and texture of the walls.
  2. Exceptional Coverage: Formulated with high-quality pigments and binders, our emulsion paint provides exceptional coverage and opacity, allowing you to achieve a flawless finish with ease. It effectively conceals imperfections and blemishes on the surface, resulting in a smooth and uniform appearance.
  3. Durable and Washable: The paint is highly durable and washable, making it easy to maintain and clean. It resists scuffs, marks, and stains, allowing you to wipe away dirt, grease, and fingerprints with ease, without compromising the integrity of the finish.
  4. Quick Drying: Our Walter Charles Soft Sheen Emulsion dries quickly to a durable finish, minimizing downtime and allowing you to enjoy your freshly painted walls sooner. The fast-drying formula reduces the risk of smudging or streaking, ensuring a professional result every time.
  5. Low Odour: Formulated with a low odour formula, our emulsion paint is more pleasant to work with compared to traditional solvent-based paints. The reduced odour minimizes discomfort during application and ensures greater comfort for you and your family during and after painting.
  6. Versatile Usage: Suitable for a variety of interior surfaces, including plaster, drywall, wood, and metal, our Walter Charles Soft Sheen Emulsion is perfect for use in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Whether you’re refreshing your home décor or adding a touch of sophistication to a new space, our paint provides reliable performance and lasting beauty.

Indulge in the luxurious finish of our Walter Charles Soft Sheen Emulsion. Trust Paintmaster for quality, reliability, and performance. Order now and transform your living spaces with elegance and style.

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2.5L, 5L


Approximately 10-12 sq metres per litre.
Brush, roller or spray.
Drying Time
Under normal conditions approximately 2-3hrs
Protect from frost and secure lid on firmly to prevent paint from drying out.
Surface Prep
Apply to clean dry surfaces.
Can be let down with water