Other Accessories

When you’re planning a new painting project, the first things you pick up are paint and brushes/rollers. It can take a while to figure out which are best to use (unless you read our painting guide blogs!) and many people think that’s all they need. 

We always recommend investing in extra accessories that will make your painting job easier. No matter if you are a casual painter or professional tradesperson, buying these will make your life easier: 

All of these high-quality products help you make less mess and get a better result from your paint. Products like primer and sealant are essential for painting some surfaces, and not using them can be an expensive mistake!

Masking tape can help you get the sharp lines that give surfaces that professional quality look, and dust sheets stop any paint and primer getting where it shouldn’t.

Trust Paintmaster to provide you with the best paint, tools and painting accessories that suit any painting job. For more information about painting accessories, check out our blog for tips and tricks.

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