ProDec Advance 36mm X 50m Low Tack Precision Edge Masking Tape


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Low tack, low residue masking tape ideal for delicate and newly painted surfaces. Developed to give excellent barrier properties, eliminating paint bleed for razor sharp lines.

  • 36mm x 50m length
  • Testing on a small unobtrusive area before use is recommended
  • Remove within 24 hours of application
  • Some wallpapers such as painted or highly patterned papers may not be suitable for masking tape – always test first and do not apply with excessive pressure

Achieve precise and professional paint lines with the 36mm x 50m Low Tack Precise Edge Masking Tape from Paintmaster. Designed for accuracy and ease of use, this masking tape is an essential tool for painters and decorators who demand perfection in their work.


  1. Low Tack Adhesive: The masking tape features a low tack adhesive that provides secure adhesion to surfaces without causing damage or leaving behind sticky residue. This allows for clean and effortless removal without the risk of paint bleed or surface marks.
  2. Precise Edge: With its precise edge design, this masking tape creates sharp and clean paint lines, ensuring a professional finish with every application. Say goodbye to uneven edges and touch-ups, as this tape helps you achieve flawless results on walls, trim, and other surfaces.
  3. High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium-quality materials, the masking tape offers excellent durability and strength to withstand the rigors of painting projects. The sturdy backing ensures stability and prevents tearing or stretching during application, allowing for smooth and reliable masking.
  4. Versatile Usage: Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, including walls, woodwork, metal, and glass, this masking tape is versatile enough to handle different painting tasks. Whether you’re using emulsion, gloss, satin, or other types of paint, this tape delivers consistent and professional results.
  5. Easy Application: The masking tape is designed for easy application and removal, making it ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The roll format provides convenient access to the tape, allowing you to quickly cut the desired length and apply it precisely where needed.
  6. Multiple Sizes Available: Available in various widths and lengths, this masking tape offers flexibility to suit different painting needs. Whether you require precise masking for intricate details or broader coverage for larger areas, there’s a size to accommodate your requirements.


  • Width: 36mm
  • Length: 50m
  • Adhesive: Low tack
  • Packaging: Individually packaged for convenience

Ensure impeccable paint lines and professional results with the 36mm x 50m Low Tack Precise Edge Masking Tape from Paintmaster. Whether you’re painting walls, trim, or delicate surfaces, this high-quality masking tape provides the precision and reliability you need for flawless outcomes. Order now and elevate your painting experience.



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