best paint for plaster - man painting the plastered wall

Best Paint for Plaster 

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Plastering your interior walls gives you a smooth, blank canvas to paint onto. However, before you load up your brush or roller, it’s important to know how to paint plastered walls. It may seem like a simple job but getting it wrong can be costly. So what is the best paint for plaster? Don’t worry, […]

painting metal scaffold orange

Skip and Scaffolding Painting Guide

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Most of us won’t look twice at a skip, or grumble when we have to step around some scaffolding, but for others it’s their pride and joy. All building equipment needs a fresh coat of paint from time to time, and for scaffolding and skips it’s about more than just looking good. KEY TAKEAWAYSPainting skips […]

Large scale painting of an industrial cooling tower

Industrial Painting Guide

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In our last few painting guides, we’ve focused a lot on domestic projects, both interior and exterior. In this month’s industrial painting guide we’re thinking bigger and talking about painting plant machinery and other industrial surfaces. We’re the UK’s most trusted supplier of trade paint for a reason; we don’t just supply a few tins […]

Painting a wooden door pale grey

Door Painting Guide

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Unless you live in a well, your home probably has a door. Our doors are one of the first thing people notice about our homes. They are the portals to our world and deserve to look their best. In this door painting guide we discuss how to maintain and treat them for high quality, long […]

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Painting Skirting Boards Guide

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We all love doing some painting in our free time. Whether it is a full room transformation or just a quick freshen up, there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a step back and admiring our handiwork. But there are a few painting jobs that are easy to avoid. You step back to admire your interior […]