5 Ways to Improve your Home’s Kerb Appeal When Looking to Sell

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5 ways to improve the kerb appeal of your home

5 Ways to Improve your Home’s Kerb Appeal. Irrespective of whether you are looking to sell your home or just want to make a great first impression with guests and visitors, improving the kerb appeal of your property is a sure-fire way to help give your home that little extra something. 

Although many people are concerned with what’s on the inside of a property, the first thing anyone sees is the exterior view. This is ultimately what will give prospective buyers or visitors their first impression of your home. It is fortunate therefore for both prospective sellers and homeowners alike that it is an area that is not too difficult to clean up. With those things in mind, here are five ways you can improve the kerb appeal of your home to ensure it makes a good first impression. 

Aesthetic Improvement

Giving the façade of your home a facelift is a largely cosmetic procedure which can be as simple as deploying some elbow grease or getting out your paintbrush. The first thing to concentrate on is the doors and windows – make sure they are clean and shiny! Giving your doors and window frames a new coat of paint will enhance the look of any home. Before starting, check out some magazines to find out what colours are in vogue as they will give your home a fresh, modern vibe that is attractive to buyers. It is advisable to choose paint that offers protection against the weather. That way, you can be sure the home will remain looking good all year round. 

Driveways and Patios 

Homes with imposing driveways and patio areas already have an advantage over the competition. They give you the opportunity to showcase the exterior of your home and give it that feeling of external grandeur. Block paved driveways and perfectly flagged patios can be a real bonus when you are looking to sell your property. A driveway gives that valuable commodity that is off-street parking, while a patio provides that coveted external socialising space. However, in the same way, they can be a benefit, if not cared for properly, unkempt paved areas can become an eyesore and may even put off prospective buyers. One way to ensure your driveway and patio remains looking smart and attractive is to use a block pave sealer. A good block pave sealer will ensure that no gaps appear in your paving, so that it remains looking pristine at all times. 

Showcase Your Garden

If you happen to be blessed with outside space, then make sure you are making the most of its potential. This will help your property stand out from other similar dwellings in the neighbourhood. Make sure your greenery is kept looking pristine by trimming back shrubbery and keeping flower beds weeded. Ensure your lawn is mowed regularly and kept looking neat and tidy. Alternatively, you could opt for artificial grass to give your garden that green, healthy look all year round. Another nice touch is to introduce hanging baskets and plant new flower beds.

Go Green

Being environmentally friendly has become much more important in the current climate, where people are taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. This modern proposition can have a positive impact on the kerb appeal of your property. By making it visually apparent from the outside that you have made the effort to ensure your home is energy efficient will impress potential buyers from the get-go. An energy-efficient home adds value in the eyes of any prospective buyer. Features such as double or triple-glazed windows are great selling points – and solar panels, while not known for their aesthetic appeal, will demonstrate your commitment to energy-efficiency and green living!

Damage Limitation

Doing all this fine-tuning will have been wasted if your driveway and garden appears unkempt. So, prior to any potential buyers visiting your home, make sure you’ve undertaken an exercise in damage limitation. 

Ensure you have removed any debris that may have accumulated, make sure you empty the bottle bank, take out the rubbish and do a general clean up. Fix things like squeaking gates and doors. People buying houses tend to be looking for lurking issues more than aesthetic flourishes. A tidy house and garden gives the impression of a well-cared for home and will undoubtedly impress visitors. 

Good Luck – and Happy Selling!

While the tips we have outlined above may not guarantee you a sale, it will certainly help you along the way. We hope you found our article helpful and now have plenty of ideas for how to bolster your home’s kerb appeal. No matter what you decide on, we wish you the very best of luck with your renovation efforts and the sale of your property.