What is Masonry Paint?

What is Masonry Paint?

Domestic, commercial and industrial properties can all benefit from the application of masonry paint. Exterior acrylic paint can easily be applied to most exterior surfaces. They will not only provide cosmetic benefits, they will also deliver practical advantages too. The exterior paints are perfect for use in all kinds of environments and can help to provide protection against the effects of the weather.

If you want to effectively protect your property from all kinds of detrimental weather effects, then masonry paint is essential. In some cases, these paints and treatments can even prevent damage from minor impacts. The application of exterior paint can also greatly improve your property’s appearance, improving curb appeal and making the building look more welcoming. Here at Paintmaster, we can provide a full range of masonry paints to suit your needs.

What is Masonry Paint?

Masonry paints are acrylic-based paints which can be used on a wide range of surfaces. They are designed to easily adhere to even coarse and difficult surfaces. It is available in a wide range of colours and can easily be used on all kinds of properties.

Acrylic paint can offer a wide range of benefits to your property. It is a practical option if you want to protect your property, improve its curb value and prevent the weather from having a negative impact on your building’s surface.

What are the Benefits of Masonry Paint for UK Properties?

Masonry paint offers a wide range of benefits to any property in the UK. Some of the major reasons that acrylic-based paint for masonry is so popular for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings include:

  • Weather Protection for Exterior Surfaces – Over time, all kinds of weather can cause serious damages to your building’s exterior walls. Rain, hailstone, ice and even direct sunlight can all lead to serious damage to your masonry. It is possible for bricks to crack and wear, cement to crumble and the wall itself to become discoloured. Exterior acrylic paint for masonry can be used to protect these surfaces from the worst of the weather effects. This will not only improve your property’s curb appeal but can help to reduce the damage the weather can have on your building’s walls.
  • Create Professional, Even Paintjobs – Even if you aren’t a professional painter, you’ll be able to create even and professional paintjobs for your property’s exterior surfaces. This can drastically improve your curb appeal. Thanks to acrylic masonry paint, you’ll be able to make your property look welcoming and professional to visitors and potential customers.
  • Protects Your Property from Moisture – Exterior walls with outdated, or poorly-installed insulation, are vulnerable to moisture. If this moisture is allowed to enter through the walls, it can lead to serious structural concerns. In many cases, this moisture can lead to damp and mould developing in your home or business.

Things to Consider before Applying Acrylic Masonry

Before you start to apply exterior masonry paints, there are several things that you need to consider. Some kinds of acrylic masonry may require a stabilising primer before it is applied, for example. This will allow you to create a truly even and smooth paintjob for your property.

Will I Need to Clean my Walls Before Applying Acrylic Masonry?

You will need to clean your walls before you apply masonry paint. As this paint acts as a sealant, any dirt on the walls will be trapped there. Before you apply your masonry paint, you need to ensure that your building’s surfaces are completely free of:

  • Dirt, such as:
    • Stains.
    • Spilt Oil.
    • Mud.
    • Ice and Frost.
  • Natural Growths, including Moss and Mould.
  • Insects, including Ants.

In many cases, these issues can prevent the paint from adhering correctly to the wall. As such, it is important that they are removed as cleanly as possible.

What is the Best Way to Apply Acrylic Masonry Paint?

This kind of paint should be applied just like any other treatment. A roller and tray are the most effective method of applying the treatment. This is particularly true for taller walls and buildings. In these cases, extendable rollers are often the safest way of accessing the surface. It can be difficult to evenly cover any wall or high surface if you’re required to climb a potentially unsteady ladder.

There are several steps to the effective application of acrylic masonry paint. You need to take a range of things into consideration if you want to effectively paint or treat the surface. These can include:

  • The Weather – Although it can be difficult to plan around the weather, you should never apply acrylic paint to the wall’s surface in inclement weather. Rain, frost and cold leather can prevent the treatment from drying as it needs to. Similarly, overly warm weather can stop the paint from adhering evenly to the exterior surface. Ideally, you’ll want the property to remain dry for at least 24 hours after the application. This is the only real way to ensure that the exterior masonry paint dries correctly.
  • The Manufacturer’s Instruction – You should always take care to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Even if you’ve used exterior masonry paint before, it can’t hurt to refresh your memory.
  • Old and Protective Clothing – You should always wear old and protective clothing when applying any kind of paint or treatment. These substances can sometimes give off fumes which are harmful to your health. Acrylic masonry paint can also be incredibly difficult to remove from your clothing.
  • Where to Start? – You should always start applying the paint at a corner edge and work outwards. This will prevent you from going over the same space several times. As such, you’ll be able to create a completely even surface.

Get in Touch with Paintmaster for Acrylic Masonry Paint in the UK

Here at Paintmaster, we can deliver a complete range of paints and treatments to suit your needs. Thanks to our industry-leading exterior acrylic-based paints, you’ll be able to improve the curb appeal of your property. You can protect your property from inclement weather and keep your home or business looking welcoming and fresh, all year round.

For more information on the wide range of acrylic paints for masonry that we can provide, get in touch with our experienced team today. You can reach the Paintmaster experts by calling us directly on 01663 733633. You can also email any questions or concerns that you might have to sales@paintmaster.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.