Bathroom Emulsion Paint

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Paintmaster’s Bathroom Emulsion paint is formulated to be moisture and steam resistant. It offers excellent coverage with the added benefit of protection against mould.
  • Moisture and Steam resistant
  • Protects against mould
  • Excellent coverage
  • Available in White and Magnolia and also available to specially mix your own colour.

Paintmaster’s Bathroom Emulsion is water-based, so ideal for all kinds of interior environments and easily-applicable to all kinds of surfaces.

When planning to paint your bathroom, remember to take into account the damp and sometimes humid conditions that may exist. Hot showers and sink splashes can lead to moisture on the walls and the paint you choose needs to be able to stand up to these conditions and resist mildew growth—a common problem in bathrooms.

For more information on our Bathroom emulsion that we can deliver, get in touch with the Paintmaster team today.

When choosing your next interior painting project, your bathrooms can be pushed to the bottom of the priority list. They can be a tricky job if you aren’t prepared and need specific types of paint to get a long-lasting finish and make your chosen colour really stand out.

What Paint do you need for Bathrooms?

Every bathroom is different and contains multiple surfaces that need painting. You may have tiles on your walls and floors. Painting tiles can be a fiddly job if you want the grout to stay a different colour. 

If you have plain walls, you’ll need to choose a paint that is right for the job. Bathrooms are ‘high moisture’ areas that can ruin the finish of some paints within a year or less. Normal interior acrylic will run and fade, sending you back to square one with a dent in your decorating budget. 

Paintmaster’s Bathroom Emulsion paint is an acrylic based paint specially formulated to protect against moisture. A few layers of this will look great for a long time, even longer if you prime the surface first!

The Best Colours for Bathrooms

Choosing the right colour for your bathroom is a big decision. You can either pick a muted shade that blends well with your tiles or textiles, and is easy to find on the shelves, or something a lot bolder. 

If you have a particular theme, use our Colour System to create any colour you can imagine, either from scratch or from an existing code. Whatever colour you need, we can mix quality paint that will look amazing. 

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1L, 2.5L, 5L, 20L


Approximately 10-12 sq metres per litre.
Brush, roller or spray.
Drying Time
Under normal conditions approximately 2-3hrs
Protect from frost and secure lid on firmly to prevent paint from drying out.
Surface Prep
Apply to clean dry surfaces
Can be let down with water

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