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Masonry Paint

We have a comprehensive range of exterior paints available at low prices to suit a wide range of requirements. When choosing an exterior paint you may be particular about the colour, but wary about weather damage. Our exterior masonry paints will provide an attractive finish, whilst also offering lasting protection against the elements. 

Our exterior masonry paints are suitable for many commercial, domestic and industrial applications and we’re confident that they’ll help keep your property looking great from years to come. Our range of emulsions and acrylic masonry paints includes:


  • Exterior Masonry Paints

  • Exterior Acrylic Masonry Paints

  • Exterior Metal Paints

  • Masonry Paints for External Surfaces

  • Exterior PVC Paints

  • Exterior Wall Paints


Renowned for their versatility, our exterior masonry paints can also be used for interior masonry surfaces such as brickwork, stone and more besides. For more information, please get in touch on 01663 733633 or email sales@paintmaster.co.uk.

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