Exterior Masonry Paints

When people are redecorating their home, they often focus more on the inside than out. But on a nice day or two in Spring or Summer, getting outside with a tin of paint and a brush can be great fun. With a fresh coat of paint the outside of your home will catch the eyes of neighbours and passers-by, giving you something to be proud of.

Masonry paint can give your exterior walls, paths and other surfaces a new lease of life. Masonry paint’s durable nature means you only need to repaint every decade or so. This infrequency makes it even more important to get it perfect first time.

If your surfaces are exposed to the elements, a few layers of finish needs to last, and with Paintmaster you know it’ll look great for a long time.

For tradespeople, you need a high quality paint that you can get in large quantities. Our masonry paint for exterior painting is available in 205lt+ barrels, so you have enough for a large job from a single order. If you need a refresher on how to get the most out of your paint, check out our masonry painting guide for some great tips and tricks.

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