Is Masonry Paint Waterproof?

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Masonry paint is a popular choice for all kinds of buildings. It has been used to great effect on homes, businesses and industrial facilities. Hard-wearing paint for masonry can be used on all kinds of exposed masonry, including both internal and external surfaces. As it is hard-wearing and easy to apply, many people choose to apply the paint directly to the masonry’s surface. While this is an effective strategy, is it the most effective use of paints designed for use on masonry?

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Is Masonry Paint Waterproof?

One of the most common questions our team tends to be asked is “Is masonry paint waterproof?”.  Here at Paintmaster, we provide the best masonry paint, that all have some water-resistant qualities. They will be able to deliver many years of reliable service in wet conditions before they start to dull. Thanks to their intelligent design, these solutions can be used in all kinds of environments.

All our internal and external masonry paints have some waterproof qualities and will be able to survive even heavy rains over the next few years. However, if your property is prone to flooding or standing water, then it is possible that your masonry paint will suffer some kind of damage. In the event of flooding, or excessively high amounts of moistness, it is possible for your masonry paint to flake away or become soft.

How Can I Improve the Waterproofing of My Exterior Masonry Walls?

There are several treatments you can take advantage of to improve the waterproofing of your masonry walls. In some cases, you’ll be able to apply primers or sealants which have waterproof capabilities of their own. When you choose to apply a masonry primer before the paint, this will also offer a range of other benefits to your surface.

What are the Benefits of Applying a Primer to Your Masonry Wall?

There are many reasons why you might choose to apply a primer to your masonry wall before painting it. These can include:

  • Creates an Even Surface – A primer can be useful in that it creates an evenly-coloured surface before you apply your paint. This will cause the finished product to be much more even and attractive to the eye.
  • Improve Your Masonry Wall’s Resilience – Primer can be used to improve the overall strength and resilience of your wall. It can cause your paint to become more resilient to damage, adhere to the wall better and resist damage from impacts and other sources.
  • Improve the Waterproofing of Your Surface – The primer can help to create a tighter seal on your masonry itself. This can work as an additional layer to prevent moisture passing through your masonry and causing structural damages to your property.

What are the Benefits of Applying a Sealant to Your Masonry Wall?

Applying a suitable sealant on top of your masonry paint can offer a range of further benefits. In addition to adding additional protections from damage, it can also prevent the colour from fading due to the effects of the weather. Sealants can offer a great deal of protection to your masonry wall. These treatments have proven essential for all kinds of properties, including both external and internal walls.

Choose Paintmaster for a Complete Range of Masonry Paint and Treatments

Here at Paintmaster, our experienced team can deliver a comprehensive range of paints and treatments to suit your needs. We can supply all kinds of masonry paints, primers and sealants to suit your needs. Our professional team specialise in helping our customers to find the perfect paints and treatments for their needs.

We can deliver masonry paint in a wide variety of colours to suit your needs. Our products are perfect for all kinds of properties, from homes to commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Whether you have exposed masonry work internally or externally, shop industry-leading masonry paints with Paintmaster today.

Our masonry paints can all deliver reliable waterproof surfaces to prevent all kinds of damage from developing. When these paints are combined with sealants and primers, you’ll be able to completely secure your chosen surface from all kinds of water damage.

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