A Guide to Maintaining Your Property

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maintaining your property

With the good weather coming out earlier than usual and weather hitting a record high this February, plenty of people enjoy the sunshine in their gardens! Naturally, the heatwave is also the perfect excuse to get an early start on DIY and decorating projects around the house!

If you’re looking to start a DIY project of any kind, Paintmaster are here for you. We can provide a complete range of masonry paints, block pave sealers and wood treatments to suit your needs. As part of our service, we’re happy to give you professional advice on how best to use our equipment

If you’re looking to maintain your property, or carry out any kind of decorating project, we are here for you. Our experienced team of paint specialists can help you to carry out internal and external DIY, in addition to professional painting and decorating projects.

What are Masonry Paints Used For?

Masonry paints are perfect for exterior walls, and even some interior walls. It’s all about creating the right appearance to match your property’s character. Here at Paintmaster, we have a variety of masonry paints, suitable for renovation work in a wide range of colours. If you’re looking to create a unique, bespoke look for your home or business, the best masonry paint essential.

The most popular masonry paint, which offers a wide range of different colours, is exterior acrylic masonry. Paintmaster provides white and magnolia, British Standard colours and even offers colour match for leading brands. We mix all our paints by hand, so we can provide any colour you might require.

Masonry paints can be used for a wide range of surfaces, including:

  • Brick Walls. 
  • Render. 
  • Pebbledash Surfaces. 
  • Concrete. 
  • Building Blocks. 

What is Block Pave Sealer Used For?

Driveways and patios are something you use every day. It’s extremely important that we take care of them as effectively as possible. Failing to do so can lead to all kinds of damage, including potholes and discolouration. These issues can often be extremely costly to resolve, so it’s better to cut them off before they develop!

Paintmaster’s oil-based block pave sealer is a great way of repelling unwanted elements, including water, dirt, oil and fuel spillages. The hard-wearing nature of these sealants can prevent your surface from sustaining damage or becoming discoloured after constant exposure to the sun.

Here at Paintmaster, we recommend that you mix the block pave sealer with builder’s sand to create a surface with better grip. This makes your driveway or patio easier to walk on and drive on, even in inclement weather.

Wood Treatments

Whether you’re looking to protect your newly-built garden shed or maintain that shiny finish on your garden benches, our wood treatments can do that for you in more ways than one. Our 5-star treatments prevent insect attacks and pest infestations from damaging your woodwork, which can spoil the appearance of your property. Furthermore, our treatments also aim to deter mould and decay from coming in to fruition.

There are many household and DIY projects which require wood treatments. These treatments can include decking, fence panels and sheds. By taking care of your DIY projects and garden treasures with wood treatments, you will be doing them a favour. These wood treatments can improve your furniture or wooden surface’s sustainability, allowing you to enjoy them for years to come.


Emulsion paints are perfect if you are looking for that shiny finish to give your interior walls a sparkling glow and form that unique look. They’re most commonly used for walls and ceilings and tend to be hard-wearing, giving it that striking and bright appearance. Another great benefit of this type of paint is that it’s straight forward to apply and dries within a short period of time. The type of emulsion paint you are looking for really depends on your unique interior design and what you require to meet your vision. Let’s look at your options and their characteristics:

Vinyl Matt

  • Most popular type of emulsion paint used.
  • Gives a matt-non-shiny finish.
  • Covers broken fragments or imperfections on wall/ceiling.

Vinyl Soft Sheen

  • Known for its durability and long-lasting affect.
  • Produces subtle but professional finish.
  • Can be lightly washed.

Vinyl Silk

  • High sheen finish.
  • The most durable emulsion paint.
  • Ideal for mass traffic areas such as hallways.

Metal Paints

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior metal paints, Paintmaster have a wide variety of metal paints to suit your needs. In the garden or inside your property, hard-wearing metal paints are what you need. There are many metal surfaces that we provide for such as: Aluminium, silver, gold, copper, steel and cast-iron.

You may need metal paints for outside metal furniture or interior design. Silver aluminium paint is perfect for most of these surfaces and can do a great job on pipes and storage units. By using this to create the finish you are looking for, it’s easily applied and gives a professional and clean aesthetic look for you to be proud of. Moreover, it’s long-lasting and of high durability.

Roof and Tile Paints

High-quality roof tile paints are essential for avoiding damages on your exterior surface. External factors that are out of your control can start to damage your roof and tiles such as extreme weather conditions, birds and pests. The main characteristics that you need to look for to find the best solution to this is a paint that’s waterproof and flexible.

The best solution to this is the acrylic roof tile paint. You can get this type in various colours to suit your design and create the appearance that you’ve been imagining over time. The great thing about the acrylic paint is that not only does it look aesthetically pleasing in the colour you want but it also gives your surfaces full protection from external factors and weather conditions, causing you minimal problems in the future. 

Contact Paintmaster for your Protective Coatings for Properties

As specialist paint manufacturers, Paintmaster offer a wealth of advice to help our customers to help them prepare their homes or commercial property for weathering and wear. All paint is available at our stores in Manchester / Stockport. If you’re still unsure which types of paint or finish is best suited for your property you can contact us directly on 01663 733633 or alternatively contact us via our email sales@paintmaster.co.uk