Tips on Keeping Your Factory Emulsion Floor Clean

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Painting a factory floor dark is always a bad idea. It can lead to potential obstructions and spillages going missed. As such, a dark factory floor can often injury to your employees. Slips, trips and falls are common enough in industrial workplaces – the last thing your workers need is to be put at further risk. While white and magnolia factory emulsion paints are bright enough to see potential obstructions, they can quickly become dirty or uneven.

Keeping your industrial floor clean is not just the mark of a well-run factory, it is also an essential safety feature. Bright factory floors show potential obstructions, hazards and other issues. However, factories often generate a great deal of waste. Certain machines can create dust and other waste which, over time, will ruin even the most resilient of floors.

What are the Benefits of White and Magnolia Factory Emulsion Paints?

Using white and magnolia paints can deliver a range of advantages to any industrial workplace. Just some of the benefits that these paints can provide to your workplace include:

  • Health and Safety – By painting your industrial and factory floors a bright, neutral colour – such as white or magnolia – you can make it easy to see hazards and obstructions. Any potential issues, including spillages and oil leaks, can easily be noticed from across the factory floor. As such, they can be easily cleaned up. 

    By choosing high-quality white and magnolia factory emulsion paints, you’ll be able improve your factory’s health and safety. You can prevent your employees from suffering slips, trips and falls due to obstructions or hazards on the factory floor. 
  • Create a Brighter, More Open Workplace – Factory’s, in the past, have typically been fairly dark, grey and dismal spaces. By choosing a bright floor colour (and ensuring that it is kept clean), you’ll be able to create brighter and more positive workspace. Working in a brighter space can have a noticeable effect on staff morale. As such, your employees will work more efficiently, and enjoy their time spent at work.

As you can see, choosing to paint your factory floors in bright, neutral colours, can make a real difference to your workplace. Not only will you be able to create a safer industrial space, you can make a drastic improvement to your employees’ morale.

Tips on Keeping Your White and Magnolia Factory Floors Clean

Unfortunately, white and bright floors can quickly become dirty and discoloured. This can be a serious enough issue in domestic properties. These factories have to deal with a wide range of potentially damaging issues, including: 

  • Heavy Footfall – A large number of people will pass through your industrial space on a daily basis. Your employees, even if they wear completely clean footwear, can cause damage to your flooring simply through wear and tear. 
  • Impacts – Many industrial floors are forced to suffer all kinds of heavy impacts. Dropped stock and fallen machinery can quickly damage all kinds of floors. Heavy machinery, and vehicles like forklifts, can all cause serious damage to a factory floor. 
  • Machinery Waste and Manufacturing Dust – Even factories and manufacturing plants with the highest cleanliness can all suffer from general waste. Many machines give off small amounts of dust and dirt during their manufacturing process. This waste can quickly build up, causing your white floor to look dirty and become discoloured.

Each of these issues can lead to damage across your factory floor. They can cause your surface to become discoloured and dirty. As such, you need to ensure that your industrial surface is cleaned to a professional standard on a regular basis.

How to Clean a White Factory Floor?

First of all, you should arrange for your factory floor to be cleaned on a regular basis. It is advisable, for some factories, to ensure that it is fully cleaned every week. The same can be said of warehouses and any industrial space. By preventing dirt from remaining on your surfaces for many weeks, you can stop them from discolouring or becoming ingrained in your workplace.

You should also ensure that any spillages or serious hazards are cleaned up as quickly as possible. Remove the waste or liquid and wash the surface with warm, soapy water. If your paint has been applied correctly, and treated with the right kind of sealants, it should be extremely resistant to long-term damages, stains and discolouring.

An effective clean for your industrial space can take several hours, depending on its size. You can either involve your employees in cleaning their own spaces or bring in outside help during out-of-work hours.

If your floor has been treated correctly, and you clean regularly, warm, soapy water should be enough to deal with any dirt in your workplace. You should try to avoid chemicals when possible, and only bring them in when you cannot deal with dirt and discolouring yourself.

Contact Paintmaster for White and Magnolia Factory Emulsion Paint

Here at Paintmaster, our experienced team can provide white and magnolia factory emulsion for industrial floors. These paints can be used on all kinds of industrial surfaces, including factory and warehouse floors. To make your long-term cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible, you should always ensure that your paints are treated with the correct industrial sealants.

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