Painting a Factory Floor: The Right Way

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Floor Paint

Creating a clean, smooth surface is essential in any kind of industrial space. Factories, where there are often dozens of different machines at work, need to use their floor space to their complete advantage. These facilities can be extremely busy and hectic working areas, with multiple large machines involved in your manufacturing process. As such, it is essential that you use your interior design as effectively as possible. Here at Paintmaster, we can provide a range of grey floor polyurethane paint, in addition to contrasting and distinctive colours for space organisation.

If you want to take complete advantage of your available floor space, our team are here for you. We can work with you to create a clean, even floor surface. Thanks to our range of high-quality industrial and polyurethane paints, you’ll be able to improve your factory’s efficiency, safety and productivity. Paintmaster can deliver a complete range of polyurethane paints to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for high-quality floor surface paints, or safety lining paints, get in touch today.

Why Is High-Quality Factory Floor Paint So Important?

As factories and manufacturing plants are such busy and potentially dangerous areas, you need to use everything you can to prevent your employees from getting injured. A well organised factory will use flooring paints and safety markers to differentiate between different working areas, safety zones and other essential information. In addition to creating a clean and professional industrial surface with grey floor polyurethane paint, applying safety lining can be essential.

Well-defined and contrasting safety lines can make sense out of the manufacturing process and ensure that your employees are working at a safe distance from each other’s machines. This can prevent accidents, injury and equipment damage. Taking the time to truly care for your employees’ and equipment’s safety can make a real difference to your factory’s productivity.

Additionally, using high-quality floor paint for your industrial space can prevent your workplace from becoming damaged. These surfaces are forced to deal with environments which can quickly wear away and damage painted surfaces. Heavy employee footfall, for example, can cause paint to become worn and discoloured.

These industrial floors are often forced to deal with heavy impacts, vehicles and machinery which can shift slightly during use. Over time, these can all lead to serious issues with your workplace’s floor. By choosing to use grey floor polyurethane paint, you’ll create a surface which is resilient to damage and can provide years of reliable service.

How to Paint Your Floor with Grey Floor Polyurethane Paint

You should start off by removing as much equipment and blockages as possible. Some industrial machinery is too large and too complex to move. In these cases, apply tape to the bottoms of the machines to make the entire painting process as quick and easy as possible. By applying tape, it doesn’t matter if you catch the machine while painting quickly.

Once the flooring surface is as clear as possible, clean it thoroughly. Remove all dirt and any flakes of previous paint. If you need to, use a scraper to dislodge paint from the cement or concrete flooring.

Apply an Undercoat

Thanks to its design, grey floor polyurethane paint can be applied directly to your flooring surface. However, it is often advisable to treat your floor with an even undercoat first. In many cases, this will not only improve the longevity of your floor paint, it can create a more even surface. Industrial floors will quickly become dirty and discoloured in most cases. However, starting off with an even floor can make cleaning and maintenance simpler later in the floor’s life.

Apply the Polyurethane Paint

Once your undercoat has dried, start applying your polyurethane paint. This industrial paint will adhere to most surfaces extremely easily, particularly if they’ve been pre-treated. It can be applied by rollers or brushes, or some combination of the two. For controlled painting, such as around machinery, walls and more, a brush is always the better choice. Paint rollers are a great way to cover a large area as quickly as possible.

Once your entire surface has been covered, give it time to dry. Polyurethane paint can often dry in as little as 6-8 hours. After this time has passed, the surface should be dry to the touch. If you want to apply a second coat, you should wait 24 hours before repainting the surface. Applying a second coat too early can caused the surface to become discoloured, uneven and potentially lead to issues with its durability.

Create Safety Lines with Contrasting Polyurethane Paints

Before applying any sealant or other treatments, apply any safety lines or hatchings to the floor. Depending on the machinery you use, safety distances and area sizes will be completely different. Some of the equipment you’ll need include:

  • Chalk Lines. 
  • Masking Tape. 
  • A Small Paint Roller. 
  • Contrasting Paint, Often of Various Colours.

Using the chalk line, mark where you want to safety line to start. Give the other end to your partner and have them mark where the line will stop or turn. Tighten the chalk line and snap it against the floor to leave a clear, straight line. Move both lines 2 inches across the floor and snap the chalk line again.

Use masking tape to mark off the lines, leaving a 2-inch gap. Using your paint roller, apply the safety paint between the masking tape lines. This will create a clear, clean safety marking across your floor (it may require multiple coats).

Get in Touch with Paintmaster for High-Quality Grey Floor Polyurethane Paint

Here at Paintmaster, we can provide a complete range of polyurethane paints for floors. These hard-wearing paints can deliver a reliable service to all kinds of industrial environments. If you’re looking for grey floor polyurethane paint, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

For more information on our comprehensive range of hard-wearing industrial and polyurethane paints to suit your needs. You can call our paint experts directly on 01663 733633. You can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.