Clear Polyurethane Varnish

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Here at Paintmaster, we can provide a wide range of polyurethane varnish for all kinds of surfaces. The clear polyurethane varnish that we can provide is ideal for surfaces which have previously been varnished.

This clear solvent-based resin is high-quality, damage-resistant and durable. It can be used on all kinds of interior surfaces, including bare and previously varnished timber.

The polyurethane varnish that we can provide is suitable for use on a wide range of interior surfaces and features, including:

  • Doors,
  • Windows,
  • Furniture,
  • Interior Smooth Planed Timber.

This high-quality varnish enhances the appearance of surfaces, offering clarity, depth, and long-lasting protection.

Key Features:

  1. Crystal-Clear Brilliance: Paintmaster’s Clear Polyurethane Varnish is crafted to provide a crystal-clear finish that accentuates the inherent beauty of your woodwork. The transparent coating adds depth and brilliance without altering the color, allowing the natural features of the wood to shine through.
  2. Durable Protection: Protect your surfaces with confidence. This polyurethane varnish creates a resilient and durable layer that guards against scratches, stains, and the damaging effects of UV rays. Ensure longevity and maintain the pristine appearance of your wood for years to come.
  3. Quick-Drying Formula: Minimize project time with the quick-drying properties of Paintmaster’s Clear Polyurethane Varnish. Enjoy the convenience of a varnish that dries rapidly, allowing you to move on to the next steps of your project with efficiency.
  4. Versatile Application: Suitable for various wooden surfaces, including furniture, doors, and trim, this clear polyurethane varnish offers versatility in application methods. Achieve a consistent and protective finish across different woodwork projects with ease.
  5. Low Odor: Experience a varnishing process with minimal disruption to your environment. Paintmaster’s Clear Polyurethane Varnish is low in odor, providing a more pleasant application experience without compromising on performance.
  6. Easy to Apply: Achieve professional results with ease. The user-friendly design of this clear polyurethane varnish ensures smooth application, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, allowing you to achieve a flawless finish effortlessly.

Elevate your woodwork projects with the clarity and durability of Paintmaster’s Clear Polyurethane Varnish. Choose a varnish that not only protects but also enhances the natural beauty of your surfaces. Order now and experience the superior quality that sets Paintmaster apart.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Paintmaster team directly.

Additional information

Weight N/A


1L, 2.5L, 5L, 20L, 205L


Approximately 6-8 sq metres per litre.
Brush or Roller.
Drying Time
Under normal circumstances it should be touch dry in 6-8 hrs if well ventilated and conditions are dry.
Store away from naked flames. Secure lid on firmly to prevent spillage.
Surface Prep
Apply to clean dry surfaces free from oil and grease.
White Spirit can be used for thinning.


How can Polyurethane Varnish be applied?

It can be applied in a variety of ways to suit the purpose, from brushing and spraying, to being applied by hand-rubbing, which is a popular method on furniture particularly.

How many coats of polyurethane varnish do you need to waterproof?

Polyurethane does not make hardwood waterproof, but it does provide a strong protection layer to make wood water resilient and protect your varnished surfaces from scratches. To give your floors the best protection, be sure to use 2-3 thin coats of polyurethane varnish.

How to remove Polyurethane from wood?

Polyurethane creates a resilient coating for wood that preserves it for years to come and also brings out the natural beauty in the wood grain, as well as provide a premium glossy look to interior wood. If you want to stain the wood or perform repairs, you may need to look at using a polyurethane stripper for removing polyurethane from the wood. Sanding is a good option too but using a stripped will speed up the process.

Is clear polyurethane waterproof?

This finish protects your floors and other surfaces but polyurethane is not waterproof. It will make the painted areas water-resistant, though — the coating repels water and helps prevent water absorption.

Is Polyurethane Safe for the Environment?

When used as a finished product, polyurethanes are safe to use within homes, work places and other areas. As with any chemical, if you are using these products in their varnish, liquid or foam state, do not ingest. They are considered toxic and should be treated as such until they are cured, finished and ready for use. Ventilate the area well during application and drying times.

What can polyurethane varnish be used for?

Polyurethane varnish is an extremely durable liquid coating that dries clear and is easy to maintain, which is why it’s commonly used as a type of hardwood floor finish, on stairs and other wooden surfaces; especially for homes with small children or rooms that have a high volume of foot traffic.

What is Polyurethane Varnish?

Polyurethane varnish is essentially a top coat that hardens. Despite its sometimes milky appearance in the can, polyurethane goes on clear and in just a few coats, it cures into a scratch and abrasion-proof hard plastic that is versatile enough for most indoor and outdoor projects.

What is the difference between acrylic varnish and polyurethane varnish?

The main difference between them is that acrylic paint is water-based while polyurethane paint is usually oil-based. There are many types of both acrylic and polyurethane paints on the market. The choice between the two when it comes to varnish is normally down to drying times and durability. While acrylic Varnish may be quicker drying, polyurethane varnish is still slightly more hard wearing.