Which Masonry Paint is the Best?

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When it comes to finding the best masonry paint to suit your property’s needs, it can be incredibly difficult. There are so many variations and brands of masonry paints available today that it can be almost impossible to find the perfect solution. Some masonry paints are more difficult to apply than other, whereas some will deliver a much more even surface.

For the best results, you should always choose masonry paint which has been used for many years. You shouldn’t always gravitate towards the biggest name brands, which are often the most expensive options available. Many of the biggest name brands are exactly the same as lesser known paints and treatments but charge a great deal more. Whatever kind of masonry paint you’re looking for, you should always be sure to shop around to find the highest-quality paint to suit your needs.

Which is the Best Masonry Paint for My Needs?

When you’re looking for quality masonry paints, there are several different things to need to consider. Failing to do your research can leave you with a difficult to apply and often ineffective paint for your chosen surface. Some of the main factors that you need to consider when looking for the perfect masonry paint for your needs include:

  • Variety of Colours – The best masonry paint is available in a wide range of colours. These paints can be used on all kinds of masonry surfaces. They can be used to repair damage and ensure that your surface is an even colour. You’ll also be able to use this paint to create feature walls or draw attention to certain areas.
  • How Easy the Paint is To Apply – Ideally, you want your paint for masonry to be water-based and based on an acrylic resin. This kind of paint is extremely easy to apply to any external or internal masonry surface. Here at Paintmaster, the masonry paints that we can provide are extremely easy to apply to all kinds of masonry surfaces. This can be made even easier if you choose to utilise effective primers as well. 
  • How Resilient the Paint is to Damage – When it comes to internal or external masonry paint, you should always choose a damage resistant option. Failing to choose a damage resistant paint (or protect it with effect sealant) can lead to all kinds of damage. These can include:
    • Damage from Impacts. 
    • Damage due to Rain and Adverse Weather Conditions. 
    • Flaking Paints. 
    • Scratched Paint. 

Should I Choose A Masonry Paint with Fungicide?

Failing to choose hard-wearing masonry paints which have been equipped with a versatile fungicide can lead to serious problems further down the line. Here at Paintmaster, we can deliver a full range of paints for masonry surfaces. Our fungicide protected paints can prevent the growth of mould and other concerns. This can work to protect the paint and ensure that it remains clean from mould and other concerns.

In addition to keeping your surface clear from mould, you’ll also be able to protect your surface from structural damage. The growth of mould can cause long-term damage to your masonry walls. Mould can, for example, cause cement to break apart over time, leading to loose bricks and stonework on your masonry wall. By choosing the best masonry paint for your needs, you’ll not only be able to improve the aesthetics of your surface, but also enhance your wall’s resilience.

How Important is Weather Resistance for Masonry Paints?

As masonry paints are often used externally, it needs to be able to survive temperamental and inclement weather. Fortunately, the hard-wearing masonry paint we can provide is able to resist all kinds of weather damage for many years. Too much sun can cause the paint to fade or flake away in the most extreme circumstances. If it is too wet, vulnerable paints can swell as they take in moisture. When they dry, they can crack and break apart as they change in size.

Contact Paintmaster for Hard-Wearing, Weather-Resistant Masonry Paints

Here at Paintmaster, we are proud to offer a complete range of paints and treatments to suit your needs. We can supply a wide range of masonry paint, including primers and sealants, to help you create a professional, even aesthetic. We can deliver a full range of the best masonry paints in a variety of colours to suit your needs. Our products are ideal for all kinds of properties in the UK, including homes, commercial outlets and industrial facilities.

Whether you’re looking for internal or external masonry paint, get in touch with the Paintmaster team today. We can deliver a complete range of paints and treatments to suit your needs. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us on 01663 733633. If you’d prefer, you can email any concerns you might have to orders@paintmaster.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.