Paint Roller and Roller Sets

Once you’ve chosen the perfect paint for your next project, no matter if it is acrylic, matt, or even wood varnish, you need the right tool to apply it.

The choice between paint brushes and a paint rollers can be a tough one. Rollers cover more surface, and produce an even coat, but a brush gives you extra precision. The correct choice is often to use both: roller for large areas and a paint brush for edges and those tricky-to-reach areas. Trying to do it all with a brush will never end well, so treat yourself to a quality roller set from Paintmaster.

You’ll also need a different type of paint roller for some projects. Exterior painting can be tough, so using the right rollers that are designed for exterior surfaces is essential. Exterior painting rollers have longer fibres that reach into cracks and coat uneven surfaces in an equal layer of paint or primer.

Rollers that have been used many times will be coated with old dry paint that sticks the fibres together. This can be hard to see at a glance, and even cleaning with white spirit won’t get rid of all of it. This will prevent the roller from leaving an even coat, and ruin the final finish. Avoid this by treating yourself to a new roller set from Paintmaster.

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