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Block Pave Sealer

Our block pave sealer can provide effective, long-lasting protection against the elements when applied to your patios, driveways and paving stones. This can help keep them looking great for longer, boost their lifespan - and potentially spare you the need for costly repair bills. The hard-wearing nature of this patio sealer can even help to eliminate the threat of staining. 

Our oil-based block paved sealer has a semi-gloss coating, which is designed to seal the spaces between patios and paving stone. This high-performance patio sealer helps to repel contaminants such as water/rain, dirt, oil and fuel. For the best results, and to prevent the surface from becoming too slick or slippery, we recommend mixing your patio sealer with either builder’s or silver sand. 

When it comes to block pave sealer and patio sealer products, Paintmaster is the one-stop online store you can trust! 

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