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Timber Oil Preserves

Making sure that your wooden surfaces are treated effectively is essential for their longevity. Here at Paintmaster, we can provide a range of both water and oil-based wooden preservatives. Our timber preserves are a great option for any kind of interior or exterior surface.

The water and oil-based wooden preservatives that we can supply are perfect for both interior and exterior use. These general-purpose preserves can help your timber to resist a wide range of potential causes of damage. These can include:

  • Water Damage.
  • Splitting.
  • Pest Infestation.

Both water and oil-based preserves are designed to be easily applied to any kind of wooden surface. These timber preserves are low-odour and, once they’ve been given a chance to dry, are completely harmless to both plant and animal life.

Whether you’re looking to preserve your outdoor garden furniture, sheds, fences or gates, or if interior wooden features need treating, the timber preservatives that we can supply are the perfect choice for you.

Protect your Wooden Surfaces with Water and Oil-Based Preserves Today

Whether you’re looking for oil or water-based timber preserves, Paintmaster is here for you. We can deliver brown and clear treatments to homes and businesses across the UK.

If you have any questions or concerns on our wide range of wood treatments and preservatives, you can call us directly on 01663 733633. Alternatively, you can email us directly at sales@paintmaster.co.uk and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

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