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Aluminium Solar Reflective Paint

At Paintmaster, we are able to offer a complete range of specialist pain to suit your needs. Our experienced team can provide solar reflective paint for properties of all kinds. The solar reflective paint that we can provide is a thin, bituminous-based aluminium protective paint. It has the consistency of traditional paint, meaning it can easily be applied via a brush or even a roller as required. As it dries to a silvery finish, this solar paint can be applied on a wide range of metallic surface.

Solar Reflective Paint

Paintmaster’s solar reflective paint has been specifically designed to be applied over previously primed metallic surfaces, including walls and rooftops. This paint works to improve heat resistance and reduce the level of heat that is absorbed through the metal. Solar reflective paint from Paintmaster is ideal for any metallic surface, including sheet metal, metallic rooftops and more.

If you're looking for an effective way to protect rooftops and external metal surfaces from becoming too hot in the sun, solar reflective paint is essential. This specialist solar reflective paint can protect your metallic surface from the issues caused by constant exposure to the sun. In addition to these surfaces becoming too hot, extended exposure to the hot sun can also cause warping and other issues. Thanks to aluminium solar reflective paint from Paintmaster, you'll be able to protect your external metallic surfaces from the effects of the weather.

For Specialist Solar Reflective Paint, Shop Paintmaster Today

Here at Paintmaster, we can provide a complete range of specialist solar reflective paints for domestic or commercial properties. Whether you want to prevent exterior surface from getting too hot, or you’re struggling due to heat transferring through sheet metal or a metallic rooftop, we are here for you.

For more information on our specialist solar reflective paint, call Paintmaster’s local team today. You can reach our experts today by calling 01663 733633. If you prefer, you can email any queries to and we’ll help you to source the right specialist paints and treatments for your project’s needs.

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