Acrylated Parlour Paint

Here at Paintmaster, we are proud to offer a variety of acrylated parlour paints to suit all kinds of interior and exterior spaces. The acrylated parlour paints that we supply is suitable for both steelwork and masonry surfaces. If the surface is prone to high levels or moisture, then this essential condensation paint can be used to provide a great deal of excellent resistance.

These parlour paints are able to resist regular and powerful washing. Therefore, it is ideal for a wide range of spaces which need to be cleaned on a regular basis, such as parlours and dairies. In addition to being resistant to the impact of a wide range of wastes, they are also resilient to damage from cleaning materials. You can avoid the potential damage from substances like alcohol in addition to concentrated acid and alkaline.

Contact Paintmaster for Hard-Wearing and Resilient Acrylated Parlour Paint

For more information on our wide range of cleaning resistant paints and coatings for all kinds of surfaces, get in touch with our professional team today. We can deliver parlour paints in a variety of different colours to suit your space’s design.

For more information on our wide range of hard-wearing acrylated paints, get in touch with our team today. You can either email us directly at sales@paintmaster.co.uk or you can call us directly on 01663 733633.

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