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At Paintmaster, we have a wide selection of gloss paints and undercoat paints available at discounted prices. Many surfaces cannot be painted without prior preparation. We can provide gloss paints, industrial primers and undercoat paints for all kinds of surfaces.

Gloss Undercoat for Commercial, Domestic & Industrial Use

A good quality gloss treatment or industrial primer can allow a coat of paint to resist wear and tear from daily use, in addition to lessening the impact of scuff marks, impacts and paint chipping. This is often necessary when painting in high-impact or high-footfall environments. 

Whatever kind of gloss paints, undercoat paints or industrial primer you’re looking for, you’ll find industry-leading products at unbeatable prices right here at Paintmaster! Our range includes oil-based gloss, barn paint, acrylic undercoat, cladding paint.


Need Gloss Undercoat, Gloss Paints or Industrial Primers? Call Our Team Today! 

We have an unrivalled selection of gloss paints, industrial primers and gloss treatments available at great prices. For more information, call us on 01663 733633. Or, if you prefer, email and a member of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Further to our range of gloss paints, we also have a great selection of masonry, metal and floor paint