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Acrylic Gloss

More and more painters and decorators are choosing to take advantage of acrylic gloss paint. This kind of treatment is an effective alternative to traditional, solvent-borne glosses. Glosses offer a variety of benefits and advantages when compared to traditional alternatives.

Acrylic gloss paints and treatments offer a reduced odour, making them perfect for use internally and externally. They are also quick-drying and fast-acting. In many cases, they allow overcoating on the same day, which can greatly reduce the project’s length. This kind of gloss can also be applied to heated surfaces with no loss in quality, making it perfect for radiators and other heating systems. As a non-yellowing solution, the acrylic gloss paint that we can provide is ideal for surfaces of all colours.

Acrylic Gloss Paints for A Range of Surfaces

The damage-resistant and hard-wearing treatments that we can provide are ideal for a range of painted surfaces. Our gloss paint can be used to create a truly stunning and long-lasting surface. This high-quality acrylic treatment can be used on metal, wood and plastered surfaces as required.

This kind of gloss can be touch-dry in as little as two hours. For the best results, we recommend waiting up to 6 hours before applying multiple layers. This gives the treatment plenty of time to harden and create a truly damage-resistant, glossy surface.

Acrylic Gloss for Skirting Boards

Here at Paintmaster, we are extremely proud to offer a wide range of acrylic gloss paints for skirting boards of all kinds. These hard-wearing skirting board paints will provide many years of service, in addition to hard-wearing protection against kicks, scuffing and other impacts. If your skirting board needs a new coat of paint due to damage or a interior redesign, we are here for you. To take advantage of acrylic gloss skirting board paints, don't hesitate to shop with Paintmaster today.

Acrylic Gloss for Window Sills

In addition to being effective for skirting boards, acrylic gloss is also useful for window sills. The hard-wearing nature of acrylic gloss means it can withstand all kinds of damage which windowsills could be liable to suffer. What's more, thanks to its strong appearance, acrylic glass also makes your window sills appear clean and pristine for longer than most alternative paints and treatments.

Contact Paintmaster for Acrylic Gloss Paint and Treatments to Suit Your Needs

Here at Paintmaster, we can deliver a complete range of acrylic treatments and gloss. Our industry-leading solutions can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Minimum order of 20 litres.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. You can reach our professionals directly by calling us on 01663 733633. You can also email any questions or concerns that you might have to Our paint specialists will get back to you as soon as we can.  

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