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Stabilising Primer

Here at Paintmaster, we’re proud to offer reliable stabilising primer for paints of all kinds. Our solvent-based stabilising primers have been specifically formulated to seal unstable areas which remain powdery and chalky. Thanks to our reliable stabilising agents, you’ll be able to prepare any external or internal surface for masonry paint application.

Whether you’re looking to apply masonry paint internally or externally, our stabilising primer is essential. Thanks to this primer, you’ll be able to prepare your paint surface effectively, leading to a more consistent colour and quality. If you want your surface to look professionally-painted, whether you are a professional or decorating your own home, our stabilising primer is the key.

Stabilising primer is suitable for use internally and externally. If you’re looking for a quick, effective way to prepare any surface for masonry paint, Paintmaster is here for you. Our stabilising primer works best with our high-quality paints.

Professional-Standard Stabilising Primer from Paintmaster

Paintmaster’s industry-leading team can provide a complete range of professional-standard products to suit your needs. Our stabilising primer is essential for any project requiring masonry paint, to deliver an even, professional-quality paintjob.

Our primers are the most effective way of preparing a surface for any kind of paint. Primers work to create an even surface, ensuring that you can apply your paint more effectively and create an even colour across your surface.

For more information on our specialist stabilising primer, don’t hesitate to call Paintmaster directly. You can reach our experienced team by calling 01663 733633. If you prefer, you can email any queries to and we’ll help you to source the right primer for your project’s needs.

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