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If your tarmac or asphalt driveway has suffered damage, either because of the weather or accidents, then an effective treatment may be able to help. Drivemaster is a water-based coating which has been designed specifically to help restore both tarmac and asphalt driveways to their former glory.

At Paintmaster, we specialise in deliver high-quality treatments for a wide range of surfaces. Thanks to the Drivemaster treatment, you will be able to ensure that your driveway returns to its previous quality. This easy-to-apply treatment is a tarmac restorer. That means it can rejuvenate even tired old driveways. That means you can put off replacing the entire driveway for several more years – something which can come with a huge bill.

This tarmac treatment can be applied using a brush, roller or by spraying directly onto the damaged surface. The highly-effective Drivemaster treatment is available in both red and black to make sure that your asphalt or tarmac driveway can continue to be an extremely durable and usable space for many years to come.

For Industry-Leading Driveway Treatment and Repair, Choose Drivemaster

Thanks to Drivemaster’s unique design, you will be able to rejuvenate your tired old driveway and restore it to its former quality. For the best results, you should add either silver sand or builder’s sand to this treatment, to prevent the surface from becoming too smooth. This will not only help to make the surface easier to walk on, but it can also make it much easier for your car to stop in the perfect position.

For more information on our industry-leading asphalt and tarmac treatments, get in touch with our professional team today. You can reach us directly on 01663 3733633 or send your questions to and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

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